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Strike against raider attacks

In our country there are often attempts to take possession of someone else’s business by means of a raider attack, when the company takes control of outsiders and displaces it from the legitimate owner. Against such attempts, it is not enough to have security at the enterprise, because the raiders use not only force, but also the cover of officials, they learned to act non-standard, using the closed information and the effect of the accident.

People who are capable of non-standard thinking must withstand the raider seizure of property or business. The loss of business and property that may result from a raider attack may be discouraged by a timely appeal to professionals. Specialists of the security company «Donbass Security» offer the following anti-rider services:

  • the analysis of a particular enterprise and the search for weak points that may be used by criminals for raider capture;

  • full analysis of all risks;

  • correction of detected shortcomings;

  • organization of physical protection of objects on which they plan to attack the raiders;

  • identification of the customer (individual or company) who is preparing a raider attack on your object;

  • develop a scheme for protecting your object from raiders with the participation of not only professionals providing security services, but also lawyers;

  • appeal to illegal actions of state bodies, accomplices of a raider attack;

  • illumination of an attempt to raider capture in the media.

Before carrying out a raider attack, there is always a lot of work to collect information about the purpose of raider capture. Therefore, if your business is actively interested in it, it is an excuse to contact a company that can protect your property and business from unlawful encroachments.

In addition to confronting raider attacks, our experts are engaged in the settlement of corporate disputes and conflicts. This service may be useful in the event of a conflict between the owners of one business or business partners. In this case, the presence of a third party can help resolve the conflict peacefully and civilized. We are committed to solving problems of any complexity.