Home security

When we speak the house, it immediately means coziness, comfort and safety, because our house is our fortress.

Protection of industrial and industrial objects, warehouses.

Industrial and industrial objects of various forms of ownership ...

Security of office space

The protection of office space today is a must for many firms.

Protection of objects of the service sector

«Donbass Security» provides service to protect the objects of the service sector

Express Guard (Kiev)

If you are here and now feel dangerous, you can use the express security service.

Apartment protection

«Donbass Security» provides a service to protect your apartment. Installation of modern security alarm systems, fire protection systems ...

Coverage of collectors

One of the most sought after services in the security sphere is the support of collection.

Protection of mass events

The protection of cultural events, which are attended by hundreds or thousands of people, artists, journalists, politicians, poses a threat to dangerous and ...

Protection of individuals

The most important task of our company is to monitor the implementation of the Constitution of Ukraine, Article 3.

Physical protection of objects

The physical protection of the objects is carried out by the personnel (guards) of the company located in the territory...

Guard and maintenance of goods

For the protection and maintenance of valuable goods, we provide trained armed guards.

Strike against raider attacks

In recent years, cases of unlawful seizure of someone else's business, property have become more frequent in Ukraine...

The security company «Donbass Security» provides the following services to the private and corporate clients of the city of Kyiv and the Kiev region:

  • security of houses;
  • protection of industrial and industrial objects;
  • security of office space;
  • protection of objects of the service sector;
  • express security;
  • apartment security;
  • support of collectors;
  • protection of mass events;
  • protection of individuals;
  • physical protection of objects;
  • guard and support of goods;
  • anti-shipyard.

All of these types of security services have their own specifics, their organization needs a special approach. Our company entered the market of security services not so long ago – in 2015. The great advantage of our company is the staffed with demobilized fighters of the Donbass special-purpose battalion, who not only know how to deal with weapons and behave in stressful situations, but also be able to do this.

The employees of our company are engaged in the installation of video surveillance, security and fire alarm systems, access control systems. Our specialists can take on the work of the security service at any enterprise and prevent theft or reputational damage that can be caused by your company’s careless employees or agents sent by competitors.

You can contact our security company to evaluate the vulnerability of your object and improve its protection. We take care of the protection of any objects, carefully analyze the situation and make every effort to prevent the negative development of events. We provide security services, accompany shipments, and ensure compliance.

Our employees are able to act in stressful situations and know how to deal with weapons, but apply it only when it is really necessary. The presence of a paramilitary or even unprotected security consisting of demobilized fighters will cool down the desire to commit any unlawful actions against your object (house, apartment, shop, bank, factory, or factory) in most criminals.

The cost of security services provided by employees of our company depends on many factors, so it is always determined on an individual basis. Prices for our services are quite affordable, and the service is provided at the highest level.