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Security of office space

The protection of office space today is a must for many firms. It is unlikely that there is a digging that wants to expose itself to any risks associated with the absence or interruption of the safety system. Currently, there is a growing number of companies in Ukraine, many office centers and other office premises are being built. Office security is a wise need for prosperous and developing, moreover, the visual presence of security and security systems makes a good impression on visitors and customers, increases the image of the company and confidence in it.

Most of the modern inhabitants of the metropolises, spend a lot of time at work and in particular in offices. The same applies to company executives and business owners. Most often in the office there are valuable things and documents: company documents, documents, contracts, printed and electronic information, computer and office equipment, personal belongings, etc. Therefore, office space has always been attractive to intruders, both for ordinary slave and for business competitors, and the lack of security or its poor organization will enable offenders to execute their wrongful plans. In order to avoid unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous situations, you need to take care of the security system. A competent security system, thought out together with specialists of the security structure, guarantees the efficiency of the company, the protection of your staff and your customers, the preservation of property and property, will remove excessive care from your shoulders.

Our company «Donbass Security», possessing experience in the protection and defense of various territories and buildings, both private and public, including in the area of combat, will help you in the complex to secure your business and office in particular. We are ready to take the key to protecting your office, all adjoining territory, parking. An individual approach to the client and an integrated approach to the security system will allow us to fully protect your office, as well as solve such issues as:

– physical protection of the perimeter;

– installation of access system on the territory and in the premises;

– organization of a check-through mode;

– documentary or electronic records of employees and visitors;

– organization and control of access to parking and its maintenance;

– installation of video surveillance system;

– installation of fire and security alarm systems;

– installation of sensors of smoke, penetration, gas leakage, flooding, etc.;

– providing security to employees and visitors;

– protection of material values;

– protection of commercial and electronic information;

– inspection of premises, spare exits, fire stairs, elevators;

– organization of interaction with emergency rescue and emergency response services;

– control and prevention of unauthorized access, raider hijacking.

The comprehensive approach of Donbas-Guard company, taking into account your wishes and our understanding of the essence of your business, wishes and additions will ensure your company for many years of calm and harmonious work, prosperity and joy.