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Protection of mass events

The protection of cultural events, which are visited by hundreds or thousands of people, artists, journalists, politicians, entails a threat of dangerous and unpleasant situations both for participants of the event and for guests. In carrying out such activities, there is always a threat of hooliganism, provocations, panic, vandalism, theft, terrorist attacks, etc.

«Donbass Security» is always ready to help you to hold a security event which you will not have to think about, we will take on all the problems. We are ready to ensure the order of any event held on the territory of Ukraine, regardless of its scale, location, number of participants and visitors, be it concerts, sports competitions, parades, street celebrations, exhibitions, seminars, presentations, conferences, filming , weddings, parties, banquets, etc.

The larger the measure you conduct, the greater the need for law and order protection. «Donbass Security» is ready to provide you with up to 300 trained security guards who will provide the holiday according to your plan. Based on your plan for the event, we will put together our safety plan, taking into account our knowledge and practice. General Action Plan for Security at Your Event:

– Survey of territory, objects and premises for the presence of prohibited, explosive and chemical substances, third parties, detection of possible places for unauthorized access, control and prevention of such penetration;

– Constant control of the perimeter for suspect persons and objects (possible use of official dogs);

– Coordination with the rescue, police and ambulance service;

– Installation of video surveillance, alarm, fire extinguishing systems, first aid points, telephone and radio checking;

– Ensuring an unobstructed passage / entrance of guarded persons and their support;

– Organization of flows of visitors, participants, attendants;

– Organization of the throughput system, facsimile control, dress code, check and control of emergency and emergency exits;

– During the event, strengthened control over property, personal belongings, prevention of violations of law and order, fire safety rules, provocations, resolution of conflict situations;

– Upon completion of the event, the bypass of the territory and the delivery of the object.