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Protection of industrial and industrial objects, warehouses.

Industrial and industrial objects of various forms of ownership, in our country, are often objects of unauthorized access, vandalism, arson, robbery, raider hijacking, and other unlawful actions. In the face of a real war with the aggressor and the constant change of power, industrial and industrial objects need even more protection. We, «Donbass Security», are always ready to help you. Our fighters have a great military experience in keeping objects of national importance and strategic importance. During the war, a tremendous experience has been accumulated to help ensure security at any facility.

The protection of industrial and industrial objects is aimed at the development and implementation of effective preventive measures that minimize the potential risks and threats, such as: unauthorized penetration by strangers, mistakes in the organization of bandwidth, fire safety, theft, property damage, and others. To determine the area of ​​risk and identify potential threats, it is necessary to conduct an inspection of the object. On the basis of the survey, an object security plan is drawn up, taking into account the specifics of the enterprise’s activity, location, etc.

Remember that only an integrated approach will be able to maximally protect your property, life and health of your relatives and your employees. «Donbass Security» company will help with the development of the project and the installation of fire and security alarm systems, which can be equipped with smoke and fire detectors, flooding and gas leakage, window splitting, penetration, etc. Equally important components of the integrated security system are video surveillance systems and secure access systems.

The «Donbass Security» company will help you develop and implement the most effective and affordable security system that will remove all of your security-related security issues at your site. We guarantee compliance with the arrangements, prompt response to emerging dangerous situations, material liability, and the ability to operate your business. We are only focused on long-term cooperation.