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Protection of individuals

The most important task of our company is to monitor the implementation of the Constitution of Ukraine, Article 3 of which states: «Man, his life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security are recognized in Ukraine as the highest social value.»

Therefore our company offers personal guard services for you. If you or your family are in danger, we can prevent it. Only one subject and several persons, including children, can be taken under protection. The security can be organized hidden or open, depending on the degree of threat and your desires. Guards can be dressed in uniforms or civilian clothes, armed with traumatic or firearms, equipped with personal protective equipment, motor vehicles, radio communications and an alarm button. In case of terrorist threats, a detector of explosive devices is used, armored vehicles, encrypted radio communications and GSM signal mufflers may be used. Based on your wishes, the situation and the degree of threat, we will provide the optimal and safe level of your protection.

The presence of even one professional bodyguard can protect a person who, for whatever reason, is in danger, from a host of problems. The hiring of personal guards can be afforded by the stars of show business and political figures, as well as by big businessmen.

The cost of personal protection is discussed on an individual basis, it depends on the number of guards, the time during which a person needs protection (several hours a day or round the clock). The prices for this service are quite high because professional risks in this business are not large.

We provide for our personal physical safety the best employees with excellent sports training, extreme driving skills, who possess the technology of protection from cold weapons, have knowledge in the field of business etiquette, medicine and psychology. Physical security services provided by real professionals will be non-intrusive and comfortable for the client. His public and business activity will not suffer from the presence of guards. At the same time, the level of personal security provided by the guards will be maximal.

Personal protection may be needed not only to protect against criminal elements, but also to support the image. We will consider each specific case, we will evaluate all risks and choose the best option for you and arrange your rate. Our specialists provide both one-time services and services for the protection of individuals on a long-term basis.