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Home security

When we speak the house, it immediately means coziness, comfort and safety, because our house is our fortress. But how safe is your home? Does it require additional security and security?

If the house is not equipped with a reliable security and security system, then it is potentially less secure than an apartment. After all, it is farther from neighbors, is often fenced with a fence, is worse visible through household buildings, garden, garage. Thieves will be able to calmly, and even without the silence of penetrating the plot and climbing into the house, and nobody will notice that the house is outsized. The attractiveness of a private house for robbers is also the number and location of windows on the ground floor. The larger the windows, the more chances that one of them can be opened, or choose to be in a deeper place and break it. Especially unprotected building remains in the autumn-winter period, when most of the neighbors live in the city. How to secure the protection of his home and rightly call it his fortress?

Private military company «Donbass Security» recommends residents of Kyiv and region Kyiv the following solutions for the protection of a private house, cottage:

– installation of guarded remote signaling;

– installation of autonomous signaling;

– installation of fire alarm;

– setting an alarm button or giving an alarm key;

– installation of video surveillance system;

– installation of an intercom, videoglaze and additional security systems;

– strengthening the perimeter of the site, strengthening the windows and doors.

The maximum safe house is possible with a comprehensive approach to its protection. Our experts will conduct a free survey of your home and area, will find all the vulnerable places for penetration and will offer an individual integrated system for the safest home at a minimum cost. In parallel with electronic security systems, your home may be further protected by physical security.

The private military company «Donbass Security» will provide 100% protection for your fortress. We bear full liability for your property.

When the alarm is triggered at the home address, there will be a rapid reaction team and act in accordance with the circumstances. In the event that you rarely visit your home (in the country house), it is very dangerous to leave it without a remote control: the amount you will be able to pay for this service will be less than the cost of lost property when you are robbed.

In addition to sensors for remote control systems, we install sensors that work with smoke, gas leakage or fire, which can help save your home and property in an emergency. The presence of an alarm button in the house will provide additional security. Installation of video surveillance will, if necessary, restore the full picture of the causes of emergency situations.

The physical guard of a private home will prevent 99.9% of attempted robbery. Our specialists can protect your country cottage at a certain time of day or around the clock. Home care can be provided for a certain period (for example, when you leave for a foreign country) or on a long-term basis. To resort to such a service is worth if your house is expensive household appliances, large sums of money, jewelry, collections of art.

Even if you are not afraid of robbers and are able to resist robbers themselves, the need for security can be dictated by image considerations. Specialists of the security company «Donbass Security» will select for you an optimal variant of the security of the house, based on the situation, risks, your wishes and financial opportunities. We will do everything in our power to make you feel in your house in complete safety, and you could go for a long time without worrying about things, not afraid that robbers would enter the house.