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Apartment protection

In the last few years in Kiev, the growth of apartment theft has been recorded. Thieves do not stop the presence of good locks, armored doors, or alternation of concierges in the entrances, nor the presence of people in neighboring apartments. Going on vacation or even going to the store for bread, nobody can be sure that his apartment will not be plundered. In order to be able to depart from the apartment at any time, it is worth resorting to non-departmental security.

Company «Donbass Security» offers services for remote control of apartments. When applying to our company, our specialists will install special sensors in your apartment. Leaving an apartment, you will need to dial a code known only to you, after which the operators of the remote guard begin to monitor your apartment, when the thief penetrates into the house trigger sensors, a signal arrives on the remote control, and a group of rapid response is sent to the address.

In the event that if you are afraid that your apartment can break in when you are in it, we suggest setting an alarm button. We also install a fire alarm, gas leakage sensors or flooding. If you have pets, then preventing false alarms can be made by installing special sensors that do not respond to moving objects weighing up to 25 kg.

In order to install the alarm system in the apartment and put it on the panel guard, it takes only a few hours: our staff will study the apartment for the presence of vulnerable places, using which robbers can penetrate into the apartment, and will establish an effective integrated security system. After that, the alarm will be immediately connected to a centralized security guard.

The cost of a console guarding service is fixed and predetermined, it is not comparable to the damage that may be caused by the robbers. Protect your property in Kyiv: contact the Donbas Guard company and we will do our best to protect your property from unlawful penetration and detain criminals if they are abducted.