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Donbass Security

Private military company “Donbass Security” offers services in organizing security and security in Kiev. The company was established in 2015. The staff includes demobilized fighters of the Battalion Donbas, a special battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine.


We provide quality services for all types of security activities:

  • physical and panel protection of objects;

  • protection of individuals;

  • tracking of valuable cargoes;

  • maintenance of order at public events.

Company advantages

In connection with the increase in the level of crime, the services of physical and remote protection of objects, escorting valuable cargo, protecting individuals and ensuring order at public events are in high demand. The combat skills that are available to all our employees and the availability of professional equipment, appropriate technical equipment and equipment allow us to confidently state that the protected facilities and individuals will be completely safe. The professionalism of our employees reduces to zero the likelihood of errors in the organization of security activities associated with the so-called “human factor”.

Our clients are private and public companies, politicians and businessmen. When you contact us, customers receive the highest quality services and excellent service, regardless of the level of complexity of the task.

All of our employees have official certificates of combatants, and command posts are occupied by combat commanders. This means that in the event of a situation close to combat conditions, our people will not lose their heads and make mistakes that are peculiar to newcomers in the security business, but they will clearly perform all job descriptions and professionally do their work.

We provide high-quality security services, cherish our reputation and trust of our clients. Do not give chance to criminals and swindlers to harm you, your relatives or your business: trust us to ensure your safety and calmly do your business.